Our adventures in the UK

We’re relaxing at home today after an epic adventure yesterday. We went on a day trip with the Apex group (a bunch of 18-30yr olds) from our church to a theme park in Wales.

The theme park (Oakwood) was pretty awesome with some great rides, including a wooden roller coaster with plenty of twists and turns to get the adrenaline pumping. It was a very long day as we had to be up at 4am to leave Dublin on Satuday. We drove 2 hours to Rosslare, took a ferry for 2 1/2 hours from there to Fishguard in Wales, then a short bus ride to the park. 5 hours of theme park fun and then the reverse journey home. Phew, what a day! I was shattered by the time we got home at midnight but we had a great time and got to know a few new friends. We took a few photos along the way.

This was our second trip to the UK lately as we were in London a few weeks back for a fun city break. We spent the weekend in London enjoying the city. We took a ride down the Thames to the Greenwich Observatory, enjoyed the sunshine, and strolled the Camden and Spitalfields markets. We went to a Westend musical called ‘Wicked’ too after a few people we know had seen it and recommended it to us. It was a great night out and a very entertaining show.

It was no problem to find new things to do in London, even though we’ve been there before. The city is so big with so much variety in things to do and places to go to. It was great to catch up with friends from NZ living in London too – fun to swap experiences and observations we’ve made while living in the Northern hemisphere. We didn’t take as many photos in London this time, but we have added a few more to the London section of the gallery, starting from this one.

Photos from London and from our trip to Oakwood are in the gallery. Our next public holiday here is the August bank holiday so we’d better start planning our next adventure soon…

Comment from Brian Chan on 2008-08-13

Hey guys, sounds like you’re having a blast over there! ABs are playing Munster over there in Nov, hope you guys are able to make it (although i hear tickets are pretty hard to get). The weather here recently has been pretty reminiscent of a UK winter..Really awesome you guys made it to Wicked! Hope you enjoyed it!