Home again

There is nothing like coming home when you’ve been away for ages.
I’m now 28 weeks pregnant, two weeks since pPROM and I was released from the hospital yesterday woop! I’m still taking things very easy, monitoring for any changes and visiting the day clinic twice a week so they can keep track of things… But I’m home which is fantastic!!!

Our scan yesterday showed Baby Brown is currently 2.5 pounds which is the expected amount of growth since the last scan and within the normal ranges for 28 weeks. Although there’s much less fluid around him this is obviously to be expected since the waters have broken. Baby still has some little pockets of fluid and although it continues to leak out the placenta makes more of it each day.

Aiming now to reach the ’30 week’ mark. Every week longer means baby will be better prepared for birth and potentially need less time in the NICU.

Comment from Susanna on 2011-02-09

Hi guys!

Praise God – that’s great news. You know we have been thinking about you lots this week and I was just wondering what the latest was when we opened your blog to check.

Will keep praying that you can survive another 2 weeks of boredom(?!) Although at least at home you should be lots more comfortable.

Take care,
Susanna and Dan