Micah – 3 Months Old

Our little man is 3 months old today! He’s growing nicely and passing all his tests so far. As of Tuesday he was 3.75kg, much chubbier and looking much like any other newborn baby that you might see around. We went out to the shopping center last weekend, and I lost count of the number of people who commented on how tiny he was or ‘how brave’ we were to have him out of the house so early.

We’re slowly settling into a semi-routine with him. He still sleeps and eats when he feels like it, mostly every 2-3 hours. Although in the last 3-4 days he’s started to be happy sleeping for 4-5 hours in the late evening/early morning, so that is a very welcome change! Kat takes care of him most nights during the week, so I can get a decent nights sleep before work (aren’t I lucky!) and then it’s my turn to take care of him during the weekend nights, slowing working through the copious supplies of frozen expressed milk still in our freezer from his early months in ICU.

He’s had his first round of immunisations and was a very brave boy, with very little crying as they jabbed him in each leg. More vaccinations are scheduled fairly regularly over the next few months as they boost his immunity up. He also had an MRI scan to check that his brain is all in the right place, and a hearing test. Still to come are appointments with an eye doctor, cardiologist and then the pediatrician for his “6 week” checkup in mid-June. Somewhat tiring getting him to all the appointments at various different locations around Dublin, but great to know that he’s being well looked after!

We’re looking forward to visits from Grandma (Kat’s mum) in late June, and then Nan and Poppa Mark (Matt’s parents) in August/September. Micah’s in the process of applying for his Irish passport too, and he told me the other day that he’s looking forward to coming to visit all his friends around the world before too long.

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